What's a Santawagen?

OK, OK, you clicked on this link because you just had to know what the heck a Santawagen is.  Is it some strange coach-built Volkswagen?  Maybe a saint from some odd religious cult?  Well, no.  Let me explain...   My Aunt Barbara came down from Palo Alto for a visit.   The family all gathered at my grandparents' house in Lakewood on Sunday for a brunch.   To make a long story short, my Uncle Mike, Aunt Mary & cousin Jeff were there.  Jeff handed me this wrapped package and said that it was for me.   "Hmmm," thinks I.  "It's not my birthday."  So, I open it.  There, in the torn paper, it sat.  A Santawagen.   You see, a Santawagen is a Volkswagen with a Santa Claus in it!  What makes this really cool is that it puts my two favorite things together; Christmas & Volkswagen!   To rev up the coolometer, it's also an ornament!  Below are some pictures of the Santawagen.  The pictures were taken by my Bug Brother Tommy's Sony Mavica MVC-FD7 Digital Camera.  Tommy's working on an early '55 Ragtop.  I will probably have some pictures of his project on the VW page soon.


The Santawagen

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