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What's A Type 34?

OK, how can I describe one of the most beautiful cars in the world in a few lines?  Most people know what a Karmann Ghia is.  What most people in the States don't know is that the Karmann Ghia has a big sibling.  In the late fifties, Volkswagen was looking at developing a bigger car.  The Beetle was already named the Type 1, the Transporter series was nemed the Type 2.  Being the logical company they are, they named the new car the Type 3.  The first Type 3 was the Notchback (or 1500).   VW decided to make an upscale version of their Karmann Ghia.  Like the Type 14 Karmann Ghia, VW had Ghia design the car, and had Karmann build it.  This time, the car was built on the improved Type 3 chassis.  There are many names for this car.  The Karmann Ghia 1500, The Type 3 Ghia, Der Große Karmann Ghia, Type 34...you get the picture.   The Type 34 was never officially imported to the States, so it's quite a rare car here.   There were very few made compared to VW's other cars.  From 1962 till 1969, only about 42,000 were produced.   To give you an idea of how few that is, my 1968 Beetle was one of over 1,000,000 produced that year!  According to the Type 34 Registry, there are fewer than 3,000 of these beauties left in the world!   Needless to say, it's going to be difficult to restore this car.  This page will grow in the future, but for now, here are some pictures of my new love affair.



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These are pictures of my Type 34 before I did some cleaning and polishing!




These pictures were taken of me and my Type 34 at the VW Classic in Irvine, California in June 1998
Mine is the second in the lineup.


Classic pictures courtesy of The Type34 Registry.

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