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Hi VW Fans!  The background photo is of me and my 1965 Karmann Ghia 1500 (Type 3 Ghia).  I intend on dividing this page into five parts.  Stories and pictures, personal web pages devoted to the air-cooled VW, air-cooled VW clubs, online magazines & magazines online, and business web pages pertaining to air-cooled VW's.  If you want your page featured here, if you have a VW story, if there are any "dead" links, or if you just want to plain ol' drop me a line, please feel free to write to me at the address at the bottom of this page. Have fun and remember, VW's were made to be driven!


P.S.  If you requested (or want) your webpage to be put here, I'm sorry If I haven't done it yet.   I can get very lazy about udating this page and returning e-mail.  Between the VINTAGVW, AircldVW, and Type 34 mailing lists, personal e-mail, and that crap junk mail, I get 30+ messages a day!  (sometimes more!)  Please, e-mail me again if you want your web page featured here.  You are not bothering me!  Please, e-mail me if you want your page here!


Pictures & Stories & Stuff

A little story.
Here's a picture of me and my '68.
VW Pictures from the Jamboree and Classic.
The Santawagen!
My New '65 Type 34 Karmann Ghia 1500 S

Personal VW Web Pages

Volkswebbin' The VWWWW!  All About Type 2's!
Tommy V's Home Page  My Buddy Tommy's Web Page.  Check out his '49 Hebmüller restoration.
From Wolfsburg With Love
Alex K. Skovronek File  Read About Omaat!
Thom's Vintage VW Bus Site  Barndoor Busses.  Great Site!
Ernest Otter's HomePage  The keeper of the VVWCA & MVVC web pages.
The Volkswagen Archive  New Location!
Ploon's AirCooled VW Site
World Wide Wolks Vagen  The international registry for on-line VW addicts
Steve's VW Shrine  Now in Orange!
Volkswagen Accessory Brochure
Welcome to my world! Bobby's World!  Robert Kuhn's great site.  A MUST see!
Exklusively Käfer Kabrioletts  European Site  N. American Mirror
Strictly Vintage VW's New Address!
Sarah's Split Bus Page  The new home of the Type 3 Owners Manual and Type 3 stuff
VW Line Art
Aaron's Volkswagen Page
Ben Eilerman's Homepage
VolksWorld's Homepage
McGregor's World
Joe Chanin's Home Page
Jamie's Realm
Char's Volkswagen Beetle Page
Schwim's Site O' Air Cooled Volkswagen
Dan Zink's VW Home Page
Steve Jannick's VW Page  Steve has a very clean '71 Notch.  Don't see many of these in the States!
dormobile71's Web Page
Les Volkswagen TYPE 3 This is a Type 3 page from Belgium. It's in French, but the pictures speak the international language of VW! Check it out!
Volkswagen Haven
Tracy's Ghia Page  Very cool page about Tracy and her Ghia!

Dune Buggies!

Wank's Buggy Page
The Meyers Manx Dune Buggy Page
Dune Buggies/Off Road Buggies

*****MORE TO COME!*****

Air-Cooled VW Clubs

Vintage Volkswagen Club of America. 
Golden Gate Chapter, VVWCA
Inland Empire Chapter, VVWCA
Michigan Chapter, VVWCA
LiMBO Online.  Late Model Bus Organization, international
The Karmann Ghia Club of North America
The Manx Dune Buggy Club
The Type 34 Registry
The Regina Vee-Dub Club
Y.B.D.B.  Yellow Bajas & Dune Buggies
The Imaginary Bug Club  Cool name, eh?
Fantasy V-Dubs of So. Cal/Oregon
Classic and Vintage Volkswagen Club of Australia
Central Jersey Volkswagen Society
Blitzkrieg VWs  A Free VW Club out of Santa Clara, CA.  Now that's the VW spirit!

Online Magazines & Magazines Online

The Aircooled Times
VW Freaks Online Mag
Hot VW's Magazine

Air-Cooled VW Businesses

Vintage Warehouse  Greg is a fellow Type 34 Owner.  Check it out, then buy stuff!
Kymco Motorsport
Wolfsbürg West
West Coast Metric  The only place to buy your rubber!
BFY Obsolete Parts  Can't Find it?  Look here!  Online catalog too!  (Besides, the owner is a real cool guy...)
Koch's The authority on steering wheel restoration!  Vintage & NOS parts.
Bill & Steve's  I've been shopping here since about 1985!
West Coast Classics, Inc.  Very cool restorations!
Future Memories  (from France!)
Old Speed's Home Page.
California Pacific's Home Page.
Parts is Parts' Home page
BUG CITY Volkswagen Auto Parts
Brad's Bugs
Bug Parts Unlimited
Import Auto Parts
Sherwood Automotive & The Old Volks Home
Larry's Offroad
Papa Carl's Bugparts
Ghia Specialties  Lot's of body repar panels and custom stuff for the Karmann Ghia!
Hotshots PRA Site  VW Drag Racing!
Hotshots Photo-Art And Publishing
Coker Tires  Need whitewalls? Check them out!
Beetlemex  Get a (almost) NEW aircooled Beetle!
Polar Creep Home Page  Cool Clothing & Stuff For VW Lovers!
FantasyVW's Home Page  Cool Site!
Don's Sport Vehicle Sales
California Imports  Cool site!  VW Chat, parts, and more!
TW Engineering, VW Performance Specialist
Prefix Motorsports Volkswagen Web Site  Used VW parts
LA to UK Imports  Imports Type 2's from Calif. and Arizona to the UK
Beetlemania Australia  Check out the cool VW toys!!!, Inc.  "Aircooled VW parts from your Desktop to your Doorstep"
VW - The NEW Beetle.  Pretty cool page about the New Beetle. Lot's of MultiMedia too!
Volkswagen Europa
Volkwagen of America  Very hip site! They finally give credit to us Vintage lovers!
Volkswagen of South Africa
Volkswagen do Brasil
Volkswagen de México Pictures and stats on the Sedán City (Standard Beetle) & Sedán Clásico (Deluxe Beetle)

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